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物电院:Germanene: graphene’s little sister
学术地点 物电学院A栋219 主讲人 HaroldJ.W. Zandvliet,University of Twent
讲座时间 2018年11月22日10:00

主题:Germanene: graphene’s little sister

主讲人:HaroldJ.W. Zandvliet,University of Twente

时 间:2018年11月22日10:00

地 点:物电学院A栋219



Abstract:Germanene, the germanium analogue of graphene, is in many aspects very similar to graphene, but in contrast to the planargraphenelattice, the germanene honeycomb lattice isslightly buckled and composed of two verticallydisplaced sub-lattices [1]. Frist principles totalenergy calculations have revealed that freestanding germanene is a two-dimensional Diracfermion system, i.e. the electrons behave asmassless relativistic particles that are describedby the Dirac equation, i.e. the relativistic variantof the Schr?dinger equation. Recently, it has been shown that germanene canbe synthesized on various substrates, includingMoS2and Ge2Pt [2-4]. As predicted germanene’s honeycomb lattice is indeed buckled andthe experimentally measured density of statesexhibits a V-shape, which is one of the hallmarks of a two-dimensional Dirac system. Spatial maps of the Dirac point of germanene synthesized on MoS2reveal the presence of chargepuddles, which are induced by charged defectsof the underlying substrate.

Biography:Harold J.W. Zandvliet (July 22th1963, Haarlem) earned anir(ingenieur) degree in Applied Physics with the highest distinction (met lof/cum laude) at the Technische Hogeschool Twente in June 1986. In 1990 he obtained his PhD in the field of condensed matter physics at the University of Twente underthe supervision of Profs. Arend van Silfhout and Hans Sparnaay. He then joined the Philips Research (Natlab) in Eindhoven, where he worked as a permanent scientific staff member in the department headed by Dr. Andries Miedema. At Philips he was member of a small team that has built one of the first high-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopes in the world. In April 1992 he returned to the University of Twente as an assistant, and later associate professor in the Solid State Physics group headed by Prof. Bene Poelsema. In July 2002 he obtained a VIDI vernieuwingsimpuls grant for a proposal entitled“Molecular Electronics”. Since June 2005 he is a full professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Harold Zandvliet was a member of the editorial board of Journal of Physics Condensed Matter from January 2007 till December 2016. From January 2010 till December 2016 he served as chief Editor of the Surface, Interface and Atomic-Scale Science section of Journal of Physics Condensed Matter. He is also member of the advisory editorial board of Applied Surface Science. Harold Zandvliet is the principal investigator and coordinator of two national research programs:The singular physics of 1D electrons(2011-2016) andTwo-dimensional semiconductor crystals(2015-2020). Harold Zandvliet is an elected Fellow of the IOP (Institute of Physics) and recipient of the APS outstanding referee award.

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