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11 Feb 2020


Fudan Alumni vs. NCP

By Wang Mengqi

Their generous efforts and how you can help

With the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) in China, we Fudaners are doing our utmost to support Wuhan and stand by those who are in need. 

In addition to sending 440 elite medical doctors and nurses to the frontline in Wuhan and leading the battle against the virus in the city at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and the Children's Hospital (both are Fudan-affiliated) where all confirmed-case patients are treated in Shanghai, Fudan has also called on its alumni around the world for support to the country in its strenuous battle against the epidemic.

Answering the call, Fudan alumni associations across the globe have acted avidly to raise funds and materials for this critical combat.

Fudan Wuhan Alumni Association released a donation call to send medical supplies on the frontline and raise funds for the medics on Jan. 28.


Fudan Beijing Alumni Association also called on its members and the public to raise funds on the same day.

Fudan’s overseas communities are also working hard for donations.

Fudan Alumni Foundation Inc raised funds for medical supplies, including medical gloves, goggles, masks and protective outfits overseas.

Other overseas alumni associations appealing for public donations include

Chinese Association of North Texas (Fudan North Texas Alumni Association)

Fudan Chicago Alumni Association

Fudan North California Alumni Association  

Fudan South California Alumni Association  

Fudan Los Angeles Alumni Association  

The following enterprises founded or run by Fudan alumni have also made contribution in their own ways amid the virus outbreak:

Fosun Group has purchased and donated 600,000 pieces of medical supplies worldwide, including 330,000 medical masks and 270,000 protective outfits. 50,000 outfits have reached Shanghai on Jan. 28.


China Oceanwide Holdings Group donated 10 million yuan ($ 1,433,280) to Wuhan Municipal Government.

Yunfeng Capital has raised 500,000 pieces of medical supplies worldwide, including N95 masks, FFP2 masks, medical protective outfits and disinfectant. Nearly 100,000 FFP2 masks reached Hubei Province on Jan. 27.

Bioperfectus Technologies and Health 100 Group provided Hubei province (of which Wuhan is the capital city) with 46,000 nucleic acid test kits for 2019-nCoV. 

Loyal Valley Capital donated 8 million yuan ($1,146,624) to the frontline medical workers in Wuhan.

UCloud Technology Co Ltd, a cloud service provider, promised to offer free cloud computing services and technological support for programs related to outbreak relief in virus-stricken areas.

Zhongnan Group donated 20 million yuan ($2,866,561) to aid the people in virus-stricken areas and purchase medical supplies for the medical workers fighting in Wuhan.

Times China Group offered 3 million yuan ($429,984) to support the medical facilities in Wuhan.

AKCOME Group promised a reward of 2 million ($286,656) yuan to the first research team that has developed an effective novel coronavirus vaccine and made its first application for clinical treatment in China.

Best Express has opened up “Green Channels” to swiftly transport the relief supplies from all over the world to China for free.

Since the outbreak of NCP, Fudan alumni working in different sectors around the world have joined proactively the fight against the virus with their expertise. 

This article by Fudan alumnus Dr. Zhou Ning introduces his own expereince of home-based treatment has been read by over 20 million people, which has to a large extent relieved panic over NCP.

If you’d like to make a donation, the following information is useful:

-for the epidemic control in Hubei province or specifically its capital Wuhan

You can contact local charity organizations, such as Red Cross Society of China Hubei Branch, Hubei Charity Federation, Hubei Youth Development Foundation, or Wuhan Charity Federation for more details.

-for Fudan medics fighting in Wuhan

You can make a donation via Fudan University Education Development Foundation, with a postscript “Fudan University fund for NCP control and prevention”. A special account has been opened for this fundraising, and the details concerning the fund use will be available for public supervision. 

Three channels for making donations to Fudan University concerning NCP prevention and control work are as follows:

1. WeChat transfer

2. Bank transfer

Account Name : Fudan University Education Development Foundation, Shanghai

Account No. : 4572 5923 3986

Bank name : Bank of China Shanghai Fudan Sub-Branch

Bank Address : No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, PRC.

CNAPS Cde : 1042 9008 5263


3. In-kind donation

Please contact the Secretariat of Fudan University Education Development Foundation during office hours.

Contact : Lv Yiying, Wei Yiwei

Phone : +86-21-55664305、+86-21-55664930(CST 9am—4:30pm)

Email :

Editor: Deng Jianguo, Li Yijie


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