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18 Jan 2020


Weekly Briefing (Jan. 10-17)


  • On Jan. 10, the 2019 National Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This year, 3 second prizes of National Natural Science Award, 1 second prize of National S&T Progress Award, go to Fudan researchers. Fudan ranks No. 2 nationally in the total number of the Award prizes which marks a record high for the university. 

  • At the end of the semester, members of Fudan University leadership, including FDU Chancellor Jiao Yang, FDU Executive Vice President and President of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SMC) Gui Yonghao, FDU Executive Vice President Jin Li, Vice Chancellor of Fudan University and SMC Yuan Zhenghong, FDU Vice Chancellor Yin Dongmei, and Vice Chancellor and Vice President of SMC Xu Jun, sent new year’s gifts to student representatives on behalf of the university and wished them the best of luck for their study and life on campus.


  • On Jan. 11, a framework agreement on building the Fudan-Qingpu Medical Park and the Fudan-Qingpu International Medical Center has been signed between the People's Government of Qingpu District and Fudan University. The two sides will utilize the operation modes of the advanced international medical schools, and make every effort to build platforms featuring the amalgamation of health care, teaching, research and production.

  • The launch ceremony of the “Innovation Research Center for Shanghai Beidou Intelligent Application” and its advisory conference were held on Jan. 10. The Center will draw on Fudan’s interdisciplinary strength in information science, computer sciences, big data, mathematical sciences and atmospheric and oceanic sciences to the boost the development of Beidou platforms.

  • On Jan. 12, the First Meeting of the First International Advisory Board of Fudan University’s Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF) was held at Fudan. On behalf of Shanghai Municipality, Vice Mayor Wu Qing congratulated on the establishment of the first International Advisory Board of FISF, pointing out that 2020 would be a milestone for Shanghai as it is making the final sprint towards an international financial center at a scale on par with China’s economic strength and international status of the RMB, he thus thanked the members for their effort in the development of FISF and contribution to forging Shanghai into an international financial center and expected all the Board members to share their global vision and insights on this platform.


  • Invited by the University of León, Fudan Student Art Troupe performed the show “Yue Wu Qing Yun” at the City Auditorium of León on Jan. 12, as part of the local Chinese New Year celebrations. Mayor of León and vice presidents of the University attended the show. With a rich program of traditional and modern Chinese dances and songs, the show presented a vivid picture of campus life in both ancient and contemporary China to an audience of around 700 people.



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