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16 Jan 2020

University Affairs

Fanhai International School of Finance holds its first International Advisory Board Meeting


On January 12, the First Meeting of the First International Advisory Board of Fudan University’s Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF) was held at Fudan. 

Before the meeting, Vice Mayor Wu Qing met with the Chinese and foreign board members. The Chairman of the Board and former Executive Vice Mayor Tu Guangshao, Chancellor of University Council of Fudan University Jiao Yang and President of Fudan University Xu Ningsheng attended the meeting.   

On behalf of Shanghai Municipality, Wu congratulated on the establishment of the first International Advisory Board of FISF, pointing out that 2020 would be a milestone for Shanghai as it is making the final sprint towards an international financial center at a scale on par with China’s economic strength and international status of the RMB, he thus thanked the members for their effort in the development of FISF and contribution to forging Shanghai into an international financial center and expected all the Board members to share their global vision and insights on this platform. Wu said, the municipal government would be committed to supporting the further growth of FISF, and working with the members in developing FISF into a world-class institution of academic research and talent cultivation. 

Tu made introductions to the first International Advisory Board and its members, who come from domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, governments, regulatory agencies, and the financial services community. With theoretical insights and rich experience in the financial sector, the members also hold enduring bonds with Fudan University, and are willing to join forces in the development of FISF. They would like to contribute their wisdom and experience, via FISF’s International Advisory Board, to building Shanghai into a true global financial hub.

Jiao presented certificates of the Board appointments to the Board Chairman, Vice Chairman and the members. Professor Chen Zhimin, Vice President of Fudan University, briefed Vice Mayor Wu on FISF’s accomplishments since its establishment.

As briefed, with a world-class teaching faculty recruited from around the globe dedicated to discipline development, policy research and talent education in the area of finance, FISF aims to become a world-leading school of finance and think tank, producing current and future leaders, elites and talents with global vision and all-round skills. 

In the past two years since its establishment, FISF has made great strides in academic and policy-oriented research as well as talent development. Twenty-seven papers have been accepted and published in top international journals including the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of International Economics, and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, boosting Fudan’s disciplines of economics and business to ESI’s top 1% globally last year. Members of FISF faculty were awarded the 2019 Sun Yefang Economic Science Award and the 2019 Contemporary Economics Prize, the most prestigious awards in economics in China. Recommendations for the establishment of Shanghai Stock Exchange’s STAR (Science and Technology Innovation Board), among other endeavors to step up the financial infrastructure of Shanghai, made by FISF’s research teams, have been recognized by the municipal government and associated regulatory commissions. 

As for talent development, FISF welcomed the first cohorts of students of the Elite Master of Finance, Finance MBA and EMBA programs in 2019. Fudan University has lent great support to FISF’s growth through restructuring university governance, faculty recruitment policies, curricula of educational programs and international cooperation. FISF will continue to play a key role in Fudan University’s “Double First-Class” initiative and building Shanghai into an international financial center for the new era. 

First International Advisory Board, FISF, Fudan University

Chairman: Tu Guangshao

Vice Chairman: Jiang Jianqing

Members: Bengt Holmstrom, Darrell Duffie, Franklin Allen, Randall Kroszner, Hu Zuliu (Fred), Jin Yu, Li Jiange, Li Ruigang, Liang Jianzhang(James), Qian Yingyi, Wei Shang-jin, Yang Dehong, Yu Naifen(Stephany), Zhang Jun, Zheng Yang, Zhou Ye, Zhu Min


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