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22 Nov 2019


Weekly Briefing (Nov. 15-21)


  • Bi-allelic mutations in TTC29 has been identified as a cause of asthenoteratospermia by the team of Prof. Zhang Feng from Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University. Their research was published in The American Journal of Human Genetics on Nov. 14.


  • The Fudan research group led by Prof. Zhang Yuqiu from the Institute of Brain Science published a paper titled “Interleukin-17 regulates neuron-glial communications, synaptic transmission and neuropathic pain after chemotherapy” in Cell Reports on Nov. 19. Their findings may potentially facilitate pain relief of cancer patients going through chemotherapy

  • The Symposium of the International Human Phenome Project (Phase 1) was held on Zhangjiang Campus during Nov. 13-14. CAS academician and Vice President of Fudan University Jin Li addressed the event. As the first scientific research major project approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government, the project forges a platform for exchanges and collaborations in the field of Human Phenomic Science.


  • 2019 Techstar Forum on the Challenges and Opportunities of Sensor Science was held at Fudan on Nov. 14. Aiming to enhance sci-tech innovation, interdisciplinary research, university-industry research collaboration, the Forum covered multiple disciplines including Materials Science, Chemistry, Medicine, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Environmental Monitoring, Mathematics, etc. 

  • On Nov. 17, Prof. Chen Shiyi and Dr. Chen Dengke from the School of Economics won the Sun Yefang Economic Science Award 2019. This Award is so far the highest award for economics in China. The award-winning study offers a novel perspective for the research on high-quality economic development in China.



  • The lab project, proposed by Fudan University Library, Fudan Institute for Social Research, Humanities and Social Sciences Data Research Center of Institute for Big Data, etc. was approved as one of the Shanghai Education and Scientific Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) Big Data Joint Innovation Labs.

  • “E-library of Collection of Seal Impressions” was launched on Nov.15. The renowned seal impression collector Lin Zhangsong from Hong Kong, who has made generous donations of his seal impression collection to Fudan University Library, delivered remarks at the launching ceremony. International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) has been applied to the e-platform to facilitate the digitization of literature sharing.


  • Fudan students won 5 first prizes and 6 second prizes at the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Over 130,000 students across the globe participated in the contest. Fudan ranks first in the number of first prizes at both the national and provincial level.

  • Three programs of Fudan School of Management are ranked top 50 global EMBA programs this year by the Financial Times, a UK-based business media organization: Washington University-Fudan University EMBA Program #7, BI Norwegian Business School-Fudan University MBA Program #27, and the University of Hong Kong-Fudan University IMBA Programme #41.

  • On Nov. 15, Fudan-affiliated Huashan Hospital won the 2019 Excellence Health Care Award of China Hospital Quality Management Practice.


  • At the 1st Zhangjiang International Summit on Cell Therapy held in Pudong on Nov. 13-15, Prof. Zhu Jianhong from the Fudan-affiliated Huashan Hospital was elected the chair of the Cell Therapy Branch of the Chinese Society for Cell Biology (CSCB). 

  • People’s Daily published President of Fudan University Xu Ningsheng’s article on innovative reforms of higher education on Nov. 15. Xu calls for integrated innovation of multidisciplinary and multidimensional collaborations and talent cultivation to build Fudan into a world-leading university.

  • The original drama President Ma Xiangbo, directed and played Fudan students, featuring the story of the late Fudan University president Ma Xiangbo, was staged at Xianghui Theatre. Vice Chancellor of Fudan University Jiao Yang watched the performance with some 700 audience. 



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