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16 Sep 2019

University Affairs

Opening ceremony for freshmen 2019 held


On September 6, the opening ceremony for freshmen 2019 was held. More than 3,900 students from all over the world gathered at the opening ceremony. University Council leaders, representatives from the university board, high school principals, teachers, department heads,  student counselors and all the freshmen attended the opening ceremony.

Chair Jiao passed flags

After a solemn national flag raising ceremony, Jiao Yang, the University Council Chair, passed the flags of the five Fudan colleges of Zhide, Tengfei, Keqing, Renzhong and Xide to respective freshmen representatives. President of Fudan University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xu Ningsheng, delivered a speech and met with high school principal representatives before the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Vice President Gui Yonghao.

“Today, you’ve become a glorious Fudan student, and your life is about to start a brilliant chapter. Your arrival has also instilled Fudan with great vitality! President Xu extended a warm welcome to the freshmen at the opening ceremony.

President Xu Ningsheng

“University is one of the most precious stages in life. It is an important period for accumulating knowledge, enhancing skills, and developing desirable personalities and ways of thinking.” President Xu hopes that the students will not only learn knowledge and seek truth, but also take academics in awe, remain curious about the unknown, be respectful for knowledge, truth, teachers, academics and science, and pursue honesty and uprightness, always being dedicated to academic research and committed to becoming a worthy Fudan student who respects teachers and knowledge.

Family photo of the tutors of Fudan College

Lu Zhenyan, Chair of the 47th Student Union of Fudan University, led all the freshmen to take an oath before the university flag.

 Freshmen swore to the university flag

The opening ceremony for freshmen ended with the university anthem.


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