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21 Aug 2019


Silver Serpent Prize 2019 winners announced

Originally published in Wen Hui Po, translated and edited by Fudan News Team


As we celebrated the 2nd Chinese Doctor Day on August 19, the 17th Silver Serpent Prize Award, announced 20 winners and another 14 nominees, among whom 4 winners and 3 nominees were from Fudan University and its affiliated hospitals.


Jin Li, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Fudan University, won the Special Honor prize. Zhang Feng, Jins student, now working at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, received the first prize. Shu Yilai from Eye&Ent Hospital received the second prize, and Yu Keda from Shanghai Cancer Center received the third prize. Xu Jun from Minhang Hospital, Wu Chaomin from Qingpu Central Hospital and Chen Qian from Xu Hui Hospital were nominated to the award.


The Silver Serpent Prize Award is the highest honor given only to doctors under the age of 40 working in public hospitals and medical organizations in Shanghai, co-held by Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, the Shanghai Health System Youth Talent Award Foundation, Wen Wei Po, a Chinese language daily newspaper established in Shanghai in 1938, and Shanghai Education Television. Since its establishment in 1989, the Silver Serpent Prize Award has put a spotlight on medical talents among the younger generation and announced 268 winners with another 285 doctors nominated to the award. 

Jin Li, winner of the Special Honor prize


Zhang Feng, winner of the 1st prize


Yi Shulai, winner of the 2nd prize


Yu Keda, winner of the 3rd prize


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