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05 Dec 2018

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Fudan University Holds 2018 Shanghai Foreign Students’ Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest

By Zhu Ziling

On November 18th, themed “Meaningful Poetry, Song of Friendship”, the Final Round and Performance of 2018 Shanghai Foreign Students’ Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest was held at Fudan University. The contest has attracted about 150 overseas students from 37 countries. After online voting and expert assessment, eighteen contestants from 12 Shanghai universities and colleges, including Fudan University (FDU), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), East China Normal University (ECNU), and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), reached the finals.

The final round was divided into three sections, “Ancient Rhythms”, “Stirring Histories”, and “Singing for the New Age.”

In the first section, contestants recited famous poems, such as Liu Yong’s Yu Lin Ling (Rain-Drenched Bells). In the second section, these foreign students went back through history and presented, with their brilliant performances, Guo Moruo’s Ode to Thunder and Lightning, which has brightened the future of and brought hopes to countless Chinese people. In the third section, contestants recited modern poems, such as Homeland, Oh My Beloved Homelandand I Love You, China,to express their love for China.

Foreign students from the United States, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia and Zimbabwe also performed wonderful songs, face-changing shows, Tai Chi and poetry recitation, the high quality of which amazed the audience.

Finally, Phoenix Nirvana (Excerpt)selected by SJTU won the first group prize.I Love You, China by ECNU and Mulan Ci by FDU won the second group prizes. I am proud, I am a treeby Shanghai Normal University andFarewell by FDU won the third group prizes. Lin Feng, a Russian student from FDU, won the first individual prize with his recitation ofHomeland, Oh My Beloved Homeland. Aiben, a Kazakh student from Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences, andLi Hongxuan, a Thai studentfrom ECNU, won the second individual prizes. Xiaoguang, a Mongolian student from Shanghai University, Peng Siyu, a Thai student fromSISU, Fan Kangwen, a South African student at Shanghai Normal University, and Lin Jingyu, a Malaysian student at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, won the third individual prizes.


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